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Featured Products
Jeep JT • 2020-Current
JT Exterior Upgrades
JT Front Bumpers
JT Rear Bumpers & Tire Carriers
Jeep JL • 2018-Current
JL Exterior Upgrades
JL Front Bumpers
JL Rear Bumpers & Tire Carriers
Jeep JK • 2007-2018
JK Front Bumpers
JK Rear Bumpers & Tire Carriers
JK Cages & Components
JK Front Fender Armor
JK Rocker Armor
JK Rear Corner Armor
JK Undercarriage Armor
JK Suspension & Drivetrain
JK Exterior Upgrades
JK Interior Accessories
Jeep TJ - LJ • 1997-2006
TJ/LJ Bumpers & Stingers
TJ/LJ Cages & Components
TJ/LJ Front Fender Armor
TJ/LJ Rocker Armor
TJ/LJ Rear Corner Armor
TJ/LJ Undercarriage Armor
TJ/LJ Suspension & Drivetrain
TJ/LJ Exterior Upgrades
TJ/LJ Interior Accessories
Daddy Longlegs
Jeep YJ • 1987-1995
YJ Bumpers & Stingers
YJ Cages & Components
YJ Front Fender Armor
YJ Rocker Armor
YJ Rear Corner Armor
YJ Undercarriage Armor
YJ Suspension & Drivetrain
YJ Exterior Upgrades
YJ Interior Accessories
Papa Smurf
Jeep CJ • 1976-1986
CJ Bumpers & Stingers
CJ Cages & Components
CJ Front Fender Armor
CJ Rocker Armor
CJ Rear Corner Armor
CJ Undercarriage Armor
CJ Suspension & Drivetrain
CJ Exterior Upgrades
CJ Interior Accessories
Universal 4X4
Bombshell™ Diff Covers
Recovery Equipment
Interior Accessories
Fabrication & DIY Components
SpyderShell™ Armor Coat
Bumpers & Stingers
BFH™ Front Bumpers
Brawler™ Front Bumpers
Bruiser™ Front Bumpers
Bruiser™ Rear Bumpers
Crawler™ Front Bumpers
Crawler™ Rear Bumpers
Front Stingers
BFH™ Rear Bumpers
RockBrawler™ Rear Bumpers
Spare Tire Carriers
Cages & Components
Lazer-Fit™ Trail Cage Kits
Lazer-Fit™ Full Cage Kits
DIY Cage Components
Fender Armor
Front Crusher Flares™
Rocker Armor
JL Body Armor
JT Body Armor
Rocker Knockers™
Ricochet Rockers™
Brawler Rockers™
JK Body Armor
DIY Slider & Rico Step™ Kits
JK Rocker Knockers™
Rear Corner Armor
Rear DeFender™ Flares
Crusher Corners™
Rear Crusher Flares™
Logo Plates, Delete Plates, & TrailGates™
JK Crusher Corners™
Trail Corners™
Undercarriage Armor
JK Evap Skid
Steering Box Skids
Suspension & Drivetrain
Bombshell™ Diff Covers
Full Width Axle Kits
Exterior Upgrades
Recovery Equipment
Lighting & Accessories
LED Headlights, Taillights & Markers
LED Off-Road Lighting
Light Mounts & Tabs
Interior Accessories
Spyder Swag
Ladies Shirts & Tops
Toddler Apparel
Youth Apparel
Mens' Shirts & Tanks
Headwear & Footwear
Fun Spyder Stuff
Stickers & Decals

Poison Spyder Customs, Inc. is a Proud Member Of:

Poison Spyder urges our customers and ALL 4x4 enthusiasts to join the fight to keep our trails open, and maintain public access to public lands! Please join and support these organizations as well as your local clubs and land-use advocacy groups.

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