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JK Brawler FULL Width Frt Bmpr - Brwlr Bar - Tabs - Black
JK Brawler FULL Width Frt Bmpr - Brwlr Bar - Tabs - Black

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PN: 17-64-020DBTP1


The Brawler™ FULL Width Front Bumper for JK provides the highest ground and tire clearance possible in a full width JK bumper. This bumper brings Poison Spyder form and function to the overlander market, and to those who would like to keep their stock JK fender flares. The bumper extends to the full width of the stock flares, to integrate with them cleanly while protecting them from trail hazards. Like all bumpers in the Brawler product line, the FULL Width is fabricated from 3/16" plate steel, CNC laser-cut and precision brake-formed into a low profile, high clearance design. This product is finished in black with Poison Spyder's proprietary SpyderShell™ Armor Coat process.

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Product Description

FULL Width
Finally there is a Full Width front bumper that incorporates Poison Spyder's attention to form and function, in an elegant package that integrates perfectly with the stock Jeep or aftermarket stock replacement fender flares. While this bumper was designed for those Jeep enthusiasts who prefer a more "overland" style and function to their Jeep build, or want to keep their factory flares, we couldn't simply make a full-width monstrosity like so many unsightly bumpers already on the market. Even though it's full width, and less likely to be used on the hard core rock trails, we still felt compelled to design it with maximum approach angle, ground clearance and tire clearance possible while still extending out to the full width of the stock flares to protect the corners of the Jeep. The lower skid plate is sold separately, so that those who would rather run without it (and gain even more ground clearance) may do so. The outriggers that extend to the edge of the flare are kept as tight to the original Brawler's high clearance lines as possible, tapering outward toward the ends. This allows the tires the best access to grab obstacles to pull the Jeep up and over rather than impeding progress when metal meets rock. The outriggers are designed to integrate visually with the stock fender flares, in a clean, almost "factory" look. The back side of the outrigger is scalloped to provide maximum clearance for up to a 37" tire with minimal suspension lift.

SpyderShell™ Armor Coat
SpyderShell™ is more than just powder coating—it's a complete system that includes the state of the art in preparation, application, materials and packaging to ensure that your SpyderShell™ products stay looking great for years. The SpyderShell™ process has been engineered to provide your Poison Spyder product with years of unmatched great looks, corrosion protection and weather-resistance. Our proprietary 6-stage system starts with media blasting the entire part, to remove contaminents and prep the metal surface for the best possible adhesion. Next, any seams are sealed with 3M Scotch-Weld to block moisture from entering and causing corrosion where the powder can not reach. The first coat to be applied is a zinc-rich powdered black primer, which is baked on to form an impenetrable bond between the metal product and the coating. The primer is black--rather than traditional gray--so that any rock chips or trail damage are less conspicuous. The final top coat is an industrial grade, "super-durable" architectural finish in semi-gloss black, which is engineered to retain its appearance through years of exposure to sun and weather. SpyderShell is a coating process unmatched by any other Jeep armor aftermarket manufacturer, for which we are confident in offering a 5-year warranty on materials and workmanship. CLICK HERE to learn more about SpyderShell™ Armor Coat!

Plate Steel Construction
Every Brawler bumper starts out as a sheet of 3/16" plate steel. Our CNC laser cutter precisely cuts the flat pattern as designed in our 3D CAD system. Next the bumper parts are CNC brake-formed into the high clearance, multi-faceted pieces that will become a finished bumper. Highly skilled tradesmen weld each bumper together using precision-engineered assembly fixtures for a perfect fit. Finally the complete bumper is sent through our finishing department for final appearance surfacing and quality control checks.

Brawler Bar
The Brawler Bar is modeled after the bar found on our original RockBrawler™ front bumper. It is a low-profile stinger designed to provide protection to the winch, grille and radiator area. The Brawler Bar is made of CNC laser-notched, NC-bent 1-3/4" diameter .120" wall DOM tubing. The complex laser-cut notch allows the Brawler Bar to be welded to two different planes on the surface of the bumper, providing incredible strength. The Brawler Bar is further strengthened by a pair of 1-1/4" DOM tubular gussets. Note: Warn PowerPlant winches are not a direct-fit with the DOM Tube gussets (they may be installed with some minor modifications by the installer).

Easy Installation
Poison Spyder Brawler™ series front bumpers can be mounted without cutting or altering the Jeep's frame rails. The faceted design of the Brawler™ FULL Width Front Bumper provides the best ground clearance and approach angle possible in a full width bumper that doesn't require frame modifications. The factory "Crash Bar" may be left intact or removed for a sleek appearance and high clearance. If keeping the crash bar, we recommend adding the Brawler™ Lite Skid Plate (p/n 17-59-030, sold separately), which conceals the crash bar and protects the electronic sway bar disconnect.

Recessed Fog Lamp Mounts
Every Brawler™ Front Bumper comes with provisions for re-mounting your factory fog lamps. These consist of recessed fog lamp "buckets" that are made of CNC laser cut DUM tubing with a mounting flange designed to accept the mounting hardware of the stock lamps. The recess and all-steel buckets help protect the lamps from the rocks. For those who do not have the stock fog lamps, or would like to upgrade to more powerful LED lamps, Poison Spyder offers a unique LED Fog Lamp Mounting Kit (p/n RIG-DLYFOGMNT) for installing a pair of Rigid Industries "Dually" LED lamps in the fog lamp locations.

IMPORTANT: The stock fog lamps used on the Jeep Wrangler 10th Anniversary Rubicon do NOT fit into the fog lamp buckets on this bumper. If installing this bumper on a 10th Anniversary Rubicon, we suggest using a pair of Rigid Industries Dually or Dually D2 LED lamps instead of the stock fog lamps.

Winch Compatibility
The Brawler™ FULL Width Front Bumper is designed to accept most Warn winches, and winches from other manufacturers that conform to Warn's standardized winch mounting dimensions. The winch sits in a slight depression on the top surface of the bumper, with plenty of CNC laser cut plate steel gusseting inside the bumper shell, directly underneath the winch to provide maximum strength. The Winch Fairlead Mount (p/n 45-57-010) is sold separately, so that those who wish to not run a winch are left with a clean looking, unobstructed top surface on their bumper. IMPORTANT: installing the Warn ZEON winch on the Brawler MID Front Bumper requires a set of our ZEON Winch Spacer Plates (p/n 45-57-010-03). IMPORTANT: Warn Powerplant winches do NOT fit on the JK Brawler FULL Width Front Bumper with Brawler Bar.

Recovery Shackle Tabs
Recovery Shackle Tabs are standard equipment on the Brawler FULL Width Front Bumper. These 3D CAD designed tabs are modeled after the high clearance tabs designed for our hard core BFH series bumpers, providing maximum approach angle while minimizing hang-ups on rock obstacles. They are CNC machined from 1" thick steel billet, specifically designed to accept our heavy duty 3/4" Recovery Shackles.

Optional Brawler™ Lite Skid
The optional Brawler™ Lite Skid Plate (p/n 17-59-030) attaches to the bottom of the Brawler™ FULL Width Front Bumper to conceal and protect the stock "crash bar", plus it has an extension to protect the electronic swaybar disconnect motor found on Rubicon JK's. The skid is made of CNC laser-cut 3/16" plate steel, precision brake-formed for a precise fit to the Brawler™ FULL Width Front Bumper (yes, the Brawler Lite and Brawler FULL Width share the same skid plate).

A separate version of the Brawler™ FULL Width Front Bumper is available without the "Brawler Bar". The Brawler™ FULL Width Front Bumper comes to you as bare steel, ready to accept paint or powder coat in the color of your choice. A powder coat option for this item is not currently available directly through Poison Spyder. See your nearest Poison Spyder dealer for powder coating options through a coating shop near you.

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Image Galleries

Here is our entire collection of images for this product. We're constantly adding more photos so check back often if you don't see a shot with a specific angle or installation you are looking for. Do you own this item already? We'd love to have your photos to add to our collection. Just send the hi-res images via email to [email protected].

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Features & Benefits

At Poison Spyder we strive to build superior features into every aspect of each product we make. Every feature has a reason for being included in the design. Here are a list of the most important of these features, along with an explanation of the benefits of each. Consider these important factors when shopping for products, and compare the competition to Poison Spyder's features and benefits!

Feature Benefit
"Full" Width Provides corner protection all the way to the edges of the fender flare. Visually integrates with the stock fender flares.
SpyderShell™ Armor Coat The best-looking, most durable finish coating available from any 4X4 aftermarket products manufacturer.
3/16" Plate Steel Construction Lighter than bumpers constructed of 1/4" plate, but faceted design and internal gussets yield superior strength.
CNC Laser Cut & Brake Formed Precision fit with consistent quality from unit to unit. Cleaner edges than plasma or flame-cut components.
Multi-Faceted Design The best possible ground clearance and approach angles available without cutting Jeep's frame. Multiple bends also provide greater structural strength than flat, un-bent plate.
High Clearance Recovery Shackle Tabs Angled for improved obstacle clearance and approach angle. Designed to conform to the angles of the bumper to reduce hang-ups when approaching steep obstacles. CNC machined from 1" plate steel for ultimate strength.
Captured Grade 8 Mounting Bolts Easy bolt-on installation without having to be a contortionist to hold a wrench on to both ends of the fastener.
Internal Strengthening Gussets Plate steel gussets, strategically placed to brace winch mounting area.
Winch Mount On Top Allows for maximum strengthening of the winch mounting area with internal gussets. Recessed winch mounting is either weaker or much heavier due to the thicker plate steel required to adequately strengthen the winch mount.
Recessed OE Fog Light Mounts Provides re-use of factory fog lamps, protects them in recessed buckets with CNC laser-cut mounting flanges.
Fog Light Harness Mounting Holes Quickly and easily re-install the factory fog light harness. Correctly placed holes accept the factory Push-in loom holders.
Optional Brawler Bar Protects winch, grille and radiator from trail hazards and potential rollover damage. Provides a measure of front-roll protection. Visible from the driver's seat, acts as a "feeler" when approaching steep obstacles.
DOM Tubing (Optional Brawler Bar) Much stronger than HREW welded seam tubing.
DOM Gussets (Brawler Bar) Fully strengthens the Brawler Bar. Fully welded, strength can not be matched by bolt-on bars and stingers, or those without gussets.
Fairlead Mount Sold Separately Easily installs when winch is installed. When a winch is not installed, the top of the bumper is left clean and unobstructed.
Lower Skid Sold Separately Allows the option of cutting off the factory "crash bar" for maximum ground clearance and approach angle. Easily installs for those wishing to keep, protect and hide the crash bar.
Swaybar Disconnect Protection Part of the optional Lower Skid, protects the vulnerable and expensive electronic swaybar disconnect mechanism from rock damage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question about this product? We've tried to cover the most frequently asked ones below. You may also want to check our Master FAQ Page for more general questions about Poison Spyder, our products, ordering and shipping. Don't see an answer to your question? Ask our sales department by email at [email protected], and we'll get back to you as soon as possible with the information you need.

Q: Does installing the Brawler™ FULL Width Front Bumper require cutting my frame?

A: No, the Brawler™ FULL Width Front Bumper may be installed without making any cuts or modifications to your Jeep's frame. This differs from our BFH bumper for JK, which does require cutting off a few inches of the frame along with the factory "Crash Bar" to gain maximum clearance. The Brawler™ FULL is a simple bolt-on, however you do have the option of cutting off the Crash Bar for better ground clearance and a sleek appearance (the Brawler™ FULL may be installed with or without the Crash Bar in place). A Lower Skid is available to hide and protect the Crash Bar, for those who wish to retain it.

Q: Will a Warn Zeon Winch fit with this bumper?

A: Warn's new line of Zeon winches are very wide and low, with the motor and gear housings at either end of the winch hanging down close to the mounting surface. On The Poison Spyder Brawler Lite, Brawler MID, Brawler FULL Width, and JK RockBrawler front bumpers this can cause a problem due to the slight recess in the top surface of the bumper, where the winch mounts. For this reason, we have developed a set of Zeon Winch Spacer Plates (p/n 45-57-010-03) for use with this winch on these bumpers. The kit consists of a pair of 3/16" thick laser-cut steel plates, to lift the winch up enough so that the fitment is no longer an issue. Simply sandwich the spacer plates between the winch fairlead mount and the windh itself when installing. Note that you may require slightly longer winch mounting bolts when installing.

Q: Will the Brawler™ FULL Width fit a Warn Power Plant? Or a Warn 8274?

A: The Warn Power Plant winch/compressor unit fits nicely on the Brawler FULL Width Front Bumper without Brawler Bar. On Brawler™ FULLs with Brawler Bar with DOM tube gussets, some slight modifications are needed to fit the Power Plant. There are no provisions for mounting a Warn 8274 winch to this bumper.

Q: Why do you put the winch mount on top rather than recessed into the bumper?

A: The Brawler™ MID is engineered to be the strongest, highest clearance and lightest steel bumper of its kind. Much of that strength comes from the internal gusseting that is located inside the bumper, directly under the winch mount. To recess the winch inside the bumper would result in the winch being bolted directly to the bottom plate of the bumper without any extra support. To do this and maintain the structural integrity, the bumper would have to be made out of much thicker, unnecessarily heavier material. Also, for those not running a winch, there is no unsightly hole in the middle of the bumper.

Q: Doesn't the top-mounted winch block airflow to the radiator?

A: This is an argument often posed by proponents of the recessed winch design. At first thought it sounds intuitive. But in practice it has not proven to be an issue. We live and wheel primarily in the deserts of the American Southwest—the hottest part of the country—and we've never had an overheating problem that was attributable to a top-mounted winch blocking airflow. There is still plenty of room for air to move around and behind the winch and through the grille to the radiator.

Q: Do I have to run the Lower Skid Plate?

A: No you do not. In fact, we recommend cutting the factory "Crash Bar" off of the Jeep's frame and installing the Brawler™ FULL Width Front Bumper without the Skid Plate for maximum ground clearance and a sleek appearance. Note that this will leave your electronic swaybar disconnect mechanism vulnerable on Rubicon edition JK's. The Lower Skid is recommended for those who are concerned about the safety of the swaybar disconnect, and who do not wish to cut off the Crash Bar. It both hides the unsightly crash bar and protects the swaybar disconnect.

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5 of 5 Great looking Bumper, Great Fit! March 27, 2019
Reviewer: Neil Hutchison from Hudsonville, MI United States  
Bought this to match the rear I'd purchased a year back.  The bumper fits great and lines up perfectly with the fenders.  Power coat from the factory looks great, and I couldn't be happier.  
Stock fog lamps transferred over with no issues, and all told the install took about an hour.  Just need to find a light to go behind that logo in the centre and the look will be complete.

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