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Frequently Asked Questions
Got a question about Poison Spyder? We get tons of them, here are our answers for some of the most common ones!

Ordering Parts

Q: Can I order my item powder coated?

A: At this time we are not offering powder coat for most larger items. This is due mostly to the likelihood of shipping damage to a delicate finish on a heavy product. Many of our smaller items are either powder coated automatically, or are offered with a bare or powder coat option. This will be denoted in the options section of the information/order page for any item that is applicable.

Q: The item I want comes already powder coated, but can I order it bare?

A: In most cases we can take a special order for a bare item, on items that are normally powder coated. This may incur a delay of up to a few weeks, depending on when we run the next batch of a particular item.

Q: Why won't the website give me a shipping amount for my online order?

A: If you are ordering items that ship in multiple packages for a single product, or for products that must ship on a pallet via truck freight, our online shopping cart software is unable to accurately calculate the shipping. Because of this, on those items we have set it to simply say "Rates Unavailable, We Will Contact You." Please note that our website does not automatically charge your credit card when you place your order—we manually do it when we "process" your order. If you have placed a "Rates Unavailable" order, we will contact you with the shipping amount, at which time you may opt to decline the order if the shipping costs are too high (your card will have never been charged).

Q: I purchased one of your products through a dealer. Can you give me the status of my order?

A: In the case of orders placed through any of our authorized Poison Spyder dealers, we prefer that you direct any inquiries through the dealer. We maintain close contact with our dealers, so you will still get an answer to your inquiry just as quickly. But we have a policy of not getting between our dealers and their customers—you are their customer and we respect that relationship, as they have worked hard to earn your business. On the other hand, if your dealer is unresponsive or you are unable to get reliable answers from them regarding your Poison Spyder purchase, we would like to hear about it.

Shipping & Returns

Q: When will my order ship?

A: At Poison Spyder Customs, it is our policy to ship your items to you as quickly and economically as possible. We try to ship all orders within 5 business days of being placed, however there are sometimes unforeseen delays due to spikes in demand, production schedules, etc. If your order is going to take longer than 5 days, we will notify you with a projected ship date. While we try our best to adhere to these policies, as a small shop variances can occur, in which case we apologize but accept no liability.

Q: What shipping company will you use to ship my order?

A: Depending on the size and weight of the product, Poison Spyder Customs may, at its discretion, opt to use Federal Express, United Parcel Service, the United States Postal Service, or any other parcel shipper, truck freight or less-than-load shipping company, regardless of whether any specific shipping company was specified at the time of purchase. We maintain this flexibility of choosing shippers due to the great price variances from shipper to shipper, for packages of specific size, weight, etc. Whenever possible, you will be provided with a tracking number for your shipment via email or by calling Poison Spyder Customs.

Q: My item is damaged, what do I do?

A: Items damaged in shipping are the responsibility of the shipping company. However, as a valued Poison Spyder customer, we will work diligently with you to file any claims for damage during shipment. Shipping damage that is due to inadequate packaging are the responsibility of Poison Spyder, and we will of course cover any damages once our liability is established.

Q: There are items missing from my order, what do I do?

A: Please check the contents of your packages immediately upon arrival, and call Poison Spyder Customs immediately to report any missing items, incorrect items, incorrect quantities, etc. We know from first-hand experience that many times we purchase a part for a Jeep project, then leave it on the shelf for months until we're able to get to that phase of our build. That's fine, but please still open the box and check the contents immediately so we can send you any additional items you'll need as soon as possible. Please be sure to check the package contents immediately upon arrival, as we can not honor claims for mis-counted or mis-packaged items several months after the item was shipped.

Q: How do I return an item?

A: All of us at Poison Spyder Customs want you to be satisfied with your purchase. Our return policy is simple: If you are not 100% satisfied with our products, we will credit your account or refund your money. Just return the part(s) to us in New, re-sellable condition within 30 days from the date of shipment. We will refund the full purchase price, minus return and original shipping charges (which are not refundable). Any part which, in our opinion, shows evidence of being: used, installed, modified, installed contrary to instructions, and/or subjected to improper handling, packaging or return shipping by the customer, will not be eligible for exchange, refund or warranty consideration. We reserve the right to charge a restocking fee of 20% or refuse any exceptions. To return an item, download our Return Merchandise Authorization Form, then call Poison Spyder Customs at (877) 735-9991 for a Returned Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number to use on the form. Then complete the form, securely package the item(s) and return them to Poison Spyder Customs, with the RMA number clearly marked on the package.

About Our Products

Q: Why do you cut your logo into everything?

A: The Poison Spyder brand is a very important aspect of what we do. We cut our logo into most of our products for several reasons: so they are quickly and easily identified as one of our products; so they are NOT erroneously identified as someone else's product; as a mark of quality, craftsmanship and style; and because we like the way it looks, as do most of our customers. Of course, we do also benefit from the extra exposure of having our spyder logo displayed on thousands of Jeeps.

Q: I have a personal objection to displaying logos on my Jeep, can I get your product without it?

A: For most of our products which normally come with our logo cut-out, we do not offer an option to delete it. We understand that for a very few customers this might be a deal breaker, just like any other feature or lack of features that someone shopping for Jeep parts might find important. We are very grateful that the vast majority of customers not only like the Spyder, but prefer that it be there—some are even disappointed that a few of our products don't have it. In the end, the Spyder logo is just another feature of the product that must be weighed when making a decision to pruchase a product.

Q: You make some of your products in both steel and aluminum. Which should I get?

A: It depends on how you use your Jeep, what kind of wheeling you do, and which product you're considering. For armor used on Jeeps that get wheeled hard in extreme rock terrain, we prefer steel because it is simply more durable, less susceptible to bending or gouging, and will distribute impact loads over wider areas better. But the trade-off is that steel is of course heavier. There are some who prefer a lighter rig even in hard core terrain, opting to use aluminum but accepting the greater risk of damage in order to gain the performance of a lighter rig. For these folks, if their driving style is more finessed and patient, aluminum might be the better choice. For vehicles being used primarily on the street, and light trail duty, the aluminum products might be the better choice solely for the weight savings.

Q: Are the aluminum products really that weak?

A: Of course not, they are still very robust. Most of the aluminum products we make are made of 3/16" thick 6061 aluminum, which is some pretty tough stuff and should hold up well to some fairly tough situations. But the fact remains aluminum is simply not as strong as steel of the same dimensions. And because everyone has a different driving style, from patience and finesse to treating the rig like a wrecking ball, we have to be careful in what we claim the aluminum parts will stand up to. Indeed, just about any product can be destroyed by poor driving, even the steel products. We just want to make sure customers who purchase aluminum armor products do not have unrealistic expectations about how much abuse they can take.

Q: Won't your Hood Louver allow water to get into my engine compartment?

A: This is a very common question that we get asked all the time. The simple answer is yes, some water can trickle down through the louvers during wet weather, but this hasn't caused any significant problems for the hundreds of people who have installed our Hood Louvers. It is important to remember that the engine bay is not a sealed compartment—it is common and expected that water can splash up into there even with a stock, uncut hood. That's why all of the engine components and electrical connections under the hood are weatherproofed from the factory. Many Jeep owners routinely pop the hood and hose down the engine compartment anyhow, to clean off dust and mud after wheeling trips, with no ill effects. Even if you live in an area with wet weather, you can install the Poison Spyder Hood Louver with confidence.

Installation & Use

Q: Do you do installations?

A: We do not normally perform routine installations, as we are not set up as an install shop. However, in certain circumstances we will perform installations in our R&D shop. For instance, if we are doing a large custom project, prototyping new products or doing a "full wrap" on a vehicle that may have promotional value. If your project meets any of these criteria and you would like to inquire about having the work done at Poison Spyder, please send an email to [email protected] with your contact and project information.

Q: Can I see your installation instructions prior to purchase?

A: Yes, all of our Installation Instructions are available to download from our website. Most of these are available directly on the info/order page for each product. We also have a Tech Library with the install instructions for all of our products included in one place. Each of these are PDF documents, so you'll need to have the Adobe PDF Reader installed in order to view them.

Q: I'm having trouble installing an item, can you help?

A: Yes, we are ready to answer any questions you may have while installing your Poison Spyder products. If you are having difficulty with an install, please call us at 800-776-0767 or email us at [email protected] so we can discuss the problems you're having and work out the best solution. If it is the weekend, we ask for your patience in waiting until we are back in the shop the following Monday. Sometimes you may be able to find an answer to your questions by doing a search on one of the online Jeep enthusiast forums. However we do ask that you give us the opportunity to address your problems and work out the best solution prior to posting about it online.

Q: Is there an easier way to install nut-serts?

A: The free nut-sert "tool" we include with each product that requires nut-serts for installation, is admittedly frustrating to use. That's why we recommend purchasing, renting or borrowing a professional nut-sert install tool. We reccomend the Marson Giant Thread Setter (make sure to purchase the correct size mandrel and nose piece). A tool like this will make your installation a LOT easier. Of course, we can't afford to supply a $160 tool with every product, so we include the free tool for those who would rather trade a little more work and frustration for a lower installation cost. For tips on using the free nut-sert tool, make sure to read through the Nut-Sert Installation Tool Instructions.

Q: I keep stripping the small screws, what am I doing wrong?

A: Some of our products (such as our Hood Louvers) are installed using small, stainless steel button head cap screws. We've heard a few complaints from customers who have stripped out either the threads or the internal hex socket on these. Here are a few thoughts to keep in mind when using them. First, the alloy used in stainless steel fasteners is not as hard as a Grade 8 bolt, so more care must be taken when installing them. Always use anti-sieze compound on the threads, especially when installing products that require pre-installation, removal, then final installation, such as with the Hood Louver kit. The lock nuts used in these kits are zinc plated steel and of a harder alloy than the stainless steel cap screws, so the threads can gall more easily if they are cross-threaded or over-tightened. Also when using the hex key (Allen wrench), make sure the hex key is fully seated into the socket in the head of the screw, and not tilted at an angle. ALWAYS use flat-ended hex keys with stainless steel fasters, never use ball-end hex keys with them. Also, try holding the head of the screw stationary with the hex key, while turning the nut with the wrench. This will make it easier to keep the tool straight and apply constant pressure while tightening. Finally, DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN.

Q: I've damaged a couple of the fasteners during install, how can I get some replacements?

A: Most of our fasteners can be more quickly and easily sourced locally, from your nearby hardware store, industrial hardware shop, steel supply or Fastenal dealer. If you've damaged or lost hardware and are not able to source them locally, we can send you replacements. In most cases where only a few screws or nut-serts are needed, we can usually send them free of charge but you will need to pay for shipping.

Q: I purchased one of your products used, from a third party, but I need a hardware kit. Do you sell just the hardware?

A: Yes, we can assemble and sell you a complete hardware kit, along with installation instructions, for most of our products. These typically run anywhere from $30-50 depending on the item and the amount of hardware needed. These hardware kits are not available for online ordering, so you'll need to call our sales department at (877)735-9991 to get a price, shipping quote, and place your order. If you'd like to source the hardware locally, you may download the Install Instructions which will include a complete hardware list. Then you can source the hardware from your nearby hardware store, industrial hardware shop, steel supply or Fastenal dealer.

Discounts, Sponsorships & Promotions

Q: Do you offer a discount to forum members?

A: Sorry but we do not offer a discount based on membership in any online forum, club, etc. The only membership-based discount we offer is our Active Duty Military Discount.

Q: Do you offer a military discount?

A: We offer a 10% discount (off of our Spyder Direct price) for active duty U.S. military (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, or currently activated reservists). To use this discount you must order by telephone, as there is no discount "code" for this available on our website shopping cart. You will be asked to send in a photo of your current military ID card. The easiest way to do this is to snap a photo with your phone and email it to [email protected]. Alternatively you may scan and email it, or FAX it to 951-922-9069. Our Active Duty Military Discount is only available directly from Poison Spyder, not through dealers. However, you may wish to contact your favorite Poison Spyder dealer to see if they offer a similar program on their own.

Q: Can you sponsor or send raffle prizes for our event?

A: If you are the organizer of a Jeep or 4x4 oriented event and would like Poison Spyder to provide assistance with raffle prizes, sponsorship, etc., please fill out our Event Sponsorship Application. You may download it HERE. If you have questions about our event sponsorship program or the status of your application, please inquire via email to [email protected]. Due to our daily phone call load, we prefer email communications for these matters.

Q: How can I get the Poison Spyder Jeeps and crew to attend our event?

A: We maintain a pretty full, year-round promotions and event schedule. While we don't have a lot of room for adding more events to our personal appearance schedule, we'd love to hear about your event and consider adding it to our schedule if possible. The best way to tell us about your event is to fill out and submit our Event Application, and add an invitation and information for attending the event as a sponsor or just for fun.

Q: I didn't get any stickers with my order, can you send me some?

A: We try to include a few free stickers with every order. This is done as a courtesy, not as a policy. If you want to make sure these stickers are included in the box when you order an item, please be sure to make a note of it in the comments area when placing an order online or when ordering by phone. If you did not specifically ask for stickers and they were not included with your order, we can send you some with your next order or mail them to you if you send us a self-addressed stamped envelope.

Q: Can I get some free stickers to help promote your company?

A: If you want something other than the stickers we sometimes provide for free with each order, we have a page with all of the various stickers and decals we offer, you may go to it by clicking here. However, these are all "for purchase" items. We do not normally provide these stickers for free.

Q: How can I get Poison Spyder to sponsor my Jeep?

A: At this time Poison Spyder is not seeking new Jeeps to sponsor, as we are able to cover our promotional needs with our current fleet of project Jeeps and those of a few key industry partners.

Do you want to ask a question that is not answered here? Please call us at 800-776-0767 or email at [email protected]


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Poison Spyder urges our customers and ALL 4x4 enthusiasts to join the fight to keep our trails open, and maintain public access to public lands! Please join and support these organizations as well as your local clubs and land-use advocacy groups.

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