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Project JKOH

King of the Hammers is the most hardcore motorsport event on the planet. With 120 miles of extreme rockcrawling and high-speed desert racing, KOH is the ultimate test of man and machine. Every year, one hundred ultra-modified or purpose-built race vehicles of all shapes and sizes gather to see who will be crowned King of the Hammers. For most, it will be a miracle to even finish, let alone win. So what about the average Joe? Can a late model production Jeep with somee aftermarket mods have any chance of competing—or even finishing—King of the Hammers? We're going to find out!

"JKOH" is the brain child of Hammerking Productions' Dave Cole and Poison Spyder's Larry McRae. The goal is to take a production Jeep JK straight from the dealership lot, do a few modifications to it—most of which are available to any Jeep owner through some of the top Jeep aftermarket products manufacturers—and race it in King of the Hammers to see what it can do. Sound impossible? Well, let us throw another wrench into the works: we only have a couple of weeks to do it! Now it's both impossible and insane! Just the kind of project we love here at Poison Spyder! Best of all, a "JKOH" edition Jeep JK will be available to anyone in a conversion package available through your local Jeep dealer. More info on that will come later, but for now, we've got a race coming up and a Jeep to build!

The JKOH project is a group effort involving some of the top off-road and Jeep products manufacturers. The list of participating sponsors keeps growing but here's who's on board so far:

  • Justin & Jason Abernathy—provided a brand new 2011 Jeep JK Sport Unlimited with 28 miles on the meter.
  • Poison Spyder Customs—BFH front and rear bumpers, Brawler Rockers, Crusher Corners, Front and Rear Crusher Flares, Custom-fabricated Ultra-4 compliant chromoly cage, Bombshell Diff Covers, exterior graphics, plus much of the assembly/fabrication.
  • Off-Road Evolution—EVO Double-Throw-Down suspension with front coilover kit and rear EVO-lever system
  • Currie Enterprises—Front Rock-Jock 60 with 35-spline Detroit locker, rear low-pinion Currie full floater Dana 60 with 40-spline ARB air locker
  • King Shocks— Front and rear 2.0" coilovers with 2.5" triple-bypass shocks
  • Avenger Superchargers—More power for the minivan motor!
  • BF Goodrich—39" Red Label Krawlers
  • Raceline Wheels—17" Raceline beadlock wheels
  • Dynomax Exhaust—Muffler
  • PRP Seats—Racing Seats, harnesses and nets
  • SPod—Power distribution system
  • Patton Steel—Tubing and materials
  • Warn Industries—Winch and recovery gear
  • Dominion Off-Road—Synthetic winch line
  • Dave Cole/Desert Concepts—JKOH licensing
  • First Place Powder Coating—Powder coating
  • X-Graphix—Exterior vehicle graphics

RockCrawling champion Larry McRae of Poison Spyder will drive the JKOH. Much of the equipment on the JKOH will be similar to that on larry's "Spyder JK" trail rig, which he has already driven through many of the hard core trails at the Hammers. So Larry is probably better prepared than anyone to pilot a JK through the KOH course. Jerrod Jones of Off-Road magazine will be co-driving. Jerrod will also be documenting the build and the entire KOH experience in an article in Off-Road.


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Poison Spyder urges our customers and ALL 4x4 enthusiasts to join the fight to keep our trails open, and maintain public access to public lands! Please join and support these organizations as well as your local clubs and land-use advocacy groups.

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